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Who are we...

Who is confident S.o.l.e...

Confident S.O.L.E. (Strengthening Our Ladies in Excellence) is a nonprofit organization that empowers middle and high school girls to love, trust, and believe in themselves. The organization was founded January 2017 in Kalamazoo, MI. 

Meet our team...

Dominique Hunt

Founder/Executive Director


Dominique Hunt, Founder and Executive Director of Confident S.O.L.E. (Strengthening Our Ladies in Excellence), strives to help young girls understand their self-worth. Confident S.O.L.E., a non-profit organization that  “empowers middle and high school girls to love, trust, and believe in themselves” was founded by Hunt in 2017.


We asked Hunt how she hopes to impact others. She responded by sharing that her hope is to “impact others by providing a platform where girls have a voice and can flourish.” The lessons taught through Confident S.O.L.E. provide just that. Confident S.O.L.E. courses provide a platform of success and flourishment for each participant. They focus on areas like academic success, leadership, public presentation, and etiquette.


When asked what she would tell her younger self if given the opportunity, Hunt explains, “Happiness is internal … situations, circumstances, people, locations, or materialistic things will never make you happy. It takes hard work to be self-aware and be genuinely happy- but it’s worth it.”

Hunt’s willingness and desire to mentor and impact young girls in our community started early on in life. While she was growing up, several coaches cared deeply about her future and well-being. The influence of these coaches made a major impact on her life. As a result, she is now paying that influence forward through her own work.


Hunt, who has spent over a decade working with youth, is most inspired by her daughter. She explains, “She helps me to understand that no matter the circumstances, positive vibes are essential. In addition, she inspires me to persevere through uncomfortable and tough times.”

Janai L. Travis

Program Coordinator

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Janai L. Travis,  the Lead Creator + Founder of J.L Creative Services and will be operating as the Program Coordinator for Confident S.O.L.E


Give a brief description of your work experience. 

Since I can remember I have  been passionate and engaged in my community, artistry, and culture. I have been serving youth in the Kalamazoo community for over 15 years with organizations like the Children Defense Fund Freedom Schools, Prevention Works, Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders, Kalamazoo Communities In Schools and so many more. 


Who inspired/mentored you? 

There are so many people that have inspired and mentored me like James Harris Sr., Demarra Wes, Larry Manley, Gloria Wimbley, Barbie McNeal. Then there are those who influenced my artistry like Dr. Von Washngton, Asia May, King Ryan Singleton,  Sherrie Fuller, and then there are those I haven't crossed paths with that I admire and aspire to model aspects of my life after like Issa Rae, bell hooks, Ella Baker, and Janelle Monae


What ways do you give back?

I think my creativity is an offering I often give to my community.  I also find myself giving to youth through opportunities of empowerment, art, education and celebration.


What would you tell your younger self?

Keep Going and Trust All Your Dreams are Worthy of Coming True (even if they change)


What ways do you hope to impact others? 

I hope to impact people to be better versions of themselves. I hope to impact people to heal, to love freely, to grow, to beat fear, to try, to take risks,  and most importantly to be the most unapologetically you. 


How do you self-care?

I make time for intentional rest, retreat, and recharging. Lately self care has been traveling + deeply enjoying what makes me happy in that season & moment of my life.  


What legacy do you hope to leave?

I hope to leave a legacy worth studying in the future and one that inspires generations of black folx well into the future. 


"During the Educator Group, I had a chance to express how I felt throughout the week."


~Resident, Let’s Talk About It Girls Home

"Our educator during Educator Groups was relatable. She taught us how to budget and about entrepreneurship. I learned about girlhood and how to create a life plan"


~Student, Think Summer! Program (Communities in Schools)

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