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To know you are BEAUTIFULTo know you are VALUABLE
To know you have PURPOSETo know you are ENOUGH

The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence...


An enrichment program that empowers middle school and high school girls to love, trust, and believe in themselves.


Building Self Confidence

Enhancing Academic Success

Developing Business and Leadership Skills

Bringing Awareness to Public Presentation and Etiquette

Understanding the Importance of Financial Management

Creating Awareness of Community and Diversity


Our mission at Confident S.O.L.E. is to equip middle school and high school girls to become confident individuals through social and emotional learning which will create a foundation for achievement both academically and in their community

Our Goal at Confident S.O.L.E.

To improve young girls’ perception of themselves by equipping them with essential skills through our core objectives. As a result of intentionally investing into the girls' inner self, we are expecting to see our participants cease the use of drugs and alcohol, decrease the number of teen pregnancies, and perform better academically.

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